Children love a day at the beach. There is so much fun to be had, whether they’re burying siblings in the sand or building sand castles. As a parent, a day at the beach could fill you with dread. It’s a wide open space and you need to find something for everyone. However, don’t let it be a day of stress! Here are our top tips for a stress-free family day at the beach.

Get a pop-up tent or two

Babies will want to take naps during the day, but older children will want to stay and play. You need to keep the sun off babies’ skins for long periods, even with sunscreen, so consider some type of shelter. Pop-up tents are well worth the money. They’re easy to put up and down and will offer a break from wind, sun, and sudden downfalls of rain.

The tents are easy to carry around and are lightweight. You’ll have hands free for carrying the baby, and a space to eat your picnic without the wind blowing sand into the food!

Find the lifeguard

The majority of beaches will have lifeguards stationed for safety reasons. Lookout for where these spots are and pop yourself near them. You’ll be able to keep some of the stress to a minimum when the kids are running around. They know exactly where you’re sitting and will also know of an official to turn to if there is a problem.

Choose a spot to one side of the lifeguard chair. The lifeguard needs space to run if there is a problem in the water.

Apply the sunscreen before leaving

Don’t wait until you get to the beach for applying the sunscreen. You end up with sand covered arms and legs, while waiting for the sunscreen to dry! Apply it before you leave, but take the bottle with you in case it needs topping up.

Always opt for SPF 30 or more. 50+ for babies and fair skin is much better. The SPF won’t stop you from getting a tan, but it will stop damage to the skin from UV rays.

Invest in beach suits for the kids

Whilst many kids will want to wear their swim suits, beach suits are far better. They’re often made with similar material to swim suits, helping everyone remain cool and free. However, they’re longer, meaning that you don’t need to use as much sunscreen across your body.

If the older kids won’t wear the beach suits, at least put the younger kids in them. And don’t forget the hat to protect the head!

Keep dry towels and clothes in the car

There’s no need to take all your supplies with you to the beach. Keep a spare set of clothes and towels in the car. The kids will love to splash in the sea, but it’s annoying and tricky changing on the beach. Sand always gets somewhere uncomfortable. By having the dry clothes in the car, you can do all the changing away from the sand and the dry towels can lay on the seats in case there is sand left over somewhere!

Don’t forget to take some plastic bags to the beach with you. Your kids will collect shells and rocks, and you’ll want somewhere to put them to take home.

Keep your beach holiday stress free and fun for all. The above tips are easy to plan ahead and will make the day enjoyable for children and adults of all ages.

About The Author

As a father of two, Vince Harris is well versed in travelling with children. He especially likes good food in any format, be it 'junk' or 'fine', so long as it tastes great!

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